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Learn Details of RS Yak Track New Event Coming on Nov 25th

Time: 11/15/19

It has been revealed that a new content RS Yak Track added to the game and will open from Nov. 25, 2019. It will be available for every player including Ironmen. You will be able to complete tasks and missions to unlock a fantastic range of rewards, especially more prizes for Premier Club members.  

What is RS Yak Track?  

According to the newest official game updates post, we have known that there will be a new event RS Yak Track in game, which will run from Nov. 25, 2019 to Jan. 5, 2020. Yak Track with new set of fun and various tasks is available for every player and will take place all over Gielinor. You can complete the offered tasks to receive various rewards. This new event is a fantastic way to accumulate plenty of goodies, please ensure you have got a warm, waterproof coat and some sensible shoes.

How to complete the new event RS Yak Track?

You will see Premium rewards and Free rewards on the Yak Track interface, and each reward tier will offer a choice of tasks as you progress. You can choose a task you prefer to complete, and a new prize will be unlocked every time you complete a new mission on your adventure. Non-members will be able to enjoy a lot of free rewards on the Free track. If you upgrade to Premier Club before the event ends up, you will get the new Premier Pass that can grant you the full access to Yak Track, and then the Premium rewards on the Premium track will be obtainable, and Free rewards will also be received. Ironmen can also take part in even if the range of prizes is focused more on cosmetics. 

Yak Track

What rewards will you get from RS Yak Track?

RS Yak Track will come with an awesome range of rewards for all players, such as cosmetics, consumables, weapons, rest animations and boosters. And prizes from each tier are available for both members and free-to-play players. Here are some main rewards you will get:
- Everyone will get the Arcane Blood Mage outfit after completing the first task on the Yak Track. 
- Everyone will receive the eerie Zombie Raise emote while reaching the 15th tier. Those who have Premier Pass can expect to grab the Abyssal Prowler pet. 
- Premier Pass owners will get the somewhat sinister Witch's Doll pet at the 25th tier.  
- When at 50th tier, everyone will unlock the Dark Throne rest animation. Premier Pass owners will receive a bounty of goodies including the Zombie Yak pet and the menacing Raven outfit. 
- Premier Club member will get 33 cosmetics including four pets, three outfits, six animation overrides and 15 weapons all the way along the whole track.

Look forward to RS Yak Track and various rewards together. And don't forget to buy cheap RS3 gold from us all the time.

The RS3gold Team 

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