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Learn New OSRS Pet Ranching Skill Proposed in Official Dev Blog

Time: 04/02/20

According to the latest OSRS Dev Blog, we have known that the team is planning to add a new skill Pet Ranching in game. With this proposed skill you can collect, train and battle your pets, as well as enter Pet Raids. 

What is OSRS Pet Ranching? 

Pet Ranching is a new skill proposed for OSRS, which is related to obtaining, training and battling pets, and finally conquering the pet raids. 
As long as your OSRS account is at least 10 days, you can be able to receive one from three pets from Professor Magic Tree. Then you can leave your pet in Daycare Centre to train and breed your pets. Throughout the pet battling, damage dealt will depend on the opposing pet's type. 

What to receive with OSRS Pet Ranching level increased? 

As you train your Pet Ranching skill, the amount of pets you can hold will be increased and you will also unlock the accesses to pet raids. Look at the followings to learn the details: 
Level 1: 1 pet can be restored in your roster.
Level 11: 2 pets can be restored in your roster.
Level 15: Access to the Lumbridge and Varrock Pet Raids
Level 20: Access to Daycare Centre
Level 21: 3 pets can be restored in your roster.
Level 25: Access to Pet Healing Centres.
Level 31: 4 pets can be restored in your roster.
Level 35: Access to the Falador and Seers' Village Pet Raids
Level 40: Ability to use Pet moves outside of battle
Level 41: 5 pets can be restored in your roster.
Level 51: 6 pets can be restored in your roster.
Level 55: Access to the Ardougne and Canifis Pet Raids
Level 75: Access to Darkmeyer Pet Raid
Level 85: Access to Prifddinas Pet Raid
Level 99: Skill cape 

What do you think of the new Pet Ranching OSRS skill? Anyway, you can always buy OSRS gold and other goods at best price from us. 

The RS3gold Team

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