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Learn OSRS Death Mechanics with Core Mechanics for Natural Causes

Time: 02/14/20

From the latest Old School post updated on Feb. 13, we have know that OSRS team has changed Death Mechanics a lot with core mechanics. Some applies to UIM accounts but the others are not. Go ahead to learn more details from us. 
Core mechanics for natural causes in OSRS Death Mechanics 

Based on your feedback, OSRS team makes some adjustments to OSRS Death Mechanics compared with last version. For example, if you die to “natural causes” (like monster attacks), a Gravestone will appear on the ground near where you died. However, please note that this don’t apply to Ultimate Iron accounts. 
As for most tradeable items you are carrying or wearing, they will appear on the Gravestone and can be reclaimed by clicking on the Gravestone before the time ends. Totally three most valuable items plus one extra will be kept if you have enabled the Protect Item prayer, or none if you're skulled. And those items will be kept in your inventory and will not go into the Gravestone. 
In addition, untradeable items will still be in your inventory or equipped, but they will tend to break/degrade/uncharge if they have a mechanic in order to address the current imbalance whereby untradeable kit can be used in PvM with so little risk because it doesn't change in any way on death. 

Ultimate Iron accounts’ core mechanics for natural causes

There are also some changes applying to Ultimate Iron accounts while dying to natural causes in Death Mechanics. The tradeable items will last for an hour and tick down whether you are logged in, and they will appear only on the world where you died. They will be lost if the world reboots. 
Besides, untradeable items will also be in your inventory or equipped without degrading or breaking unless you died to a PKer. 
If the items are dropped in the instanced area, you will not retrieve them. Thus, the team wants to move the items out of the instances in order to they ca drop on the ground in the standard game world for an hour.
What’s more, OSRS team also wants to add a fee and a chest retrieval menu to Priestess Zul-Gwenwynig without affecting Ultimate Iron accounts.

How about the changes to OSRS Death Mechanics? Anyway, if you want OSRS gold, please come to us. 

The RS3gold Team  

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