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Learn OSRS DMM Summer Finals & Spring Finals Re-Run Arrangement

Time: 05/16/19

The DMM Spring Final this March has been arranged to re-run later in June. Recently, together with the arrangement of the OSRS DMM Summer Finals 2019, its details has also been announced in an official post. 

Re-run of the DMM Spring Finals 2019

Due to some in-game bug, the official team has decided to re-run this year’s Spring Finals. The re-run of the 2019 Deadman Spring Finals has been placed on the day of June 14, with all the same final top 256 players qualified for Mar. 30’s event invited back into the game. Besides the Finals’ arrival, you can also have a taste of the final game by participating in the two open Spring Finals beta held separately on May 24th and June 7th. For all the players who’re gonna to participate in the Final, there will be a trial login specifically for the 256 players on June 3rd. And anyone fancies to watch the re-run game can expect it to take place on June 14th.

DMM Summer Finals 2019 OSRS arrangement

Time to heat up the air for DMM Summer Season 2019. Recently, the official team has announced that the Summer Finals will arrive on the 22nd of June, then run one week and hit  the final climax, the the Permadeath stage on the 29th of June 2019. All players who are qualified for the final game will receive inbox messages as invitation in early July. 
Though the gaming details of the future event has been decided, you have been entitled with the right to have a say in the final decision. In another word, the developer team invites you to take part in the design of the competitive gaming events. You can make it as small as a community initiative PvP Bingo Event/PvP Clan Cup, or, make it an entire overhaul of a new competitive gaming mode. Just give your ideas on the community led discussions.

Expect the result of the Spring Final re-run, as well as the OSRS DMM Summer Finals 2019 to see if the player you like will finally take the crown. And if you have any ideas on the competitive gaming events in the Summer Finals, just join in discussion. Also remember if you need safe and cheap OSRS gold, come to us.

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