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Home / RS3Gold news / Learn OSRS Konar Drop Table, New Slayer Assignments & More

Learn OSRS Konar Drop Table, New Slayer Assignments & More

Time: 01/11/19

Released with OSRS Kebos Lowlands update, Konar quo Maten becomes the third hardest Slayer Master. Here you will learn OSRS Konar drop table, new monsters (Hydra, Alchemical Hydra, Drake and Wyrm) assigned by her and more useful information.

Where to find OSRS Konar for slayer tasks?

New slayer master Konar quo Maten can be found on Mount Karuulm, a volcano located in the northern edge of the Kebos Lowlands. You can reach her in the following ways:
Use Rada’s blessing 3 or 4;
Use fairy ring code CIR, to south of Mount Karuulm;
Use a skills necklace or Farming cape to the Farming Guild and then run north-west.

Slayer assignments given by OSRS Konar

Besides previous monsters, new creatures released with Kebos Lowlands update can be assigned as a slayer task by Konar, including Hydra, Alchemical Hydra, Drake and Wyrm OSRS.
Hydra: locates in the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon and requires level 95 Slayer to kill.
Alchemical Hydra: the boss variant of Hydras with the drop of ferocious gloves OSRS, Hydra leather and the hydra claw to create the dragon hunter lance. You can read our OSRS Alchemical Hydra guide to know more about it.
Drake: requires level 84 Slayer to kill.
Wyrm OSRS: requirs level 62 Slayer to kill.

Learn details of OSRS Konar drop table

You have the chance of hitting OSRS Konar drop table when on a slayer task assigned by her, offering some generic loot and items including the broken dragon hasta. Here is the detailed OSRS Konar drop table:
OSRS Konar drop table

Hope this guide help you know more about OSRS Konar and her slayer assignments. Moreover, easily get RS gold cheap from our site with 10-minute delivery.

The RS3gold Team

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