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Learn OSRS Sins of the Father Quest Requirements & Rewards

Time: 01/28/20

Do you remember the master quest OSRS Sins of the Father that was revealed at RuneFest 2019? It may be released in 2020, but the exact time of the release date is still not confirmed. Here we share a guide about the requirements for completing this quest as well as the rewards you will get. 

Requirements of OSRS Sins of the Father quest 

Sins of the Father is an upcoming master quest in 2020 that was announced at RuneFest 2019. It's the continuation of the Myreque quest, in which you will need to come face to face with Lord Lowerniel Drakan himself. Before starting this quest, you should complete the following quests in advance: 
- A Taste of Hope
- Darkness of Hallowvale 
- In Aid of the Myreque 
- In Search of the Myreque 
- Nature Spirit
In addition to the quest requirement, you should also meet the following skill requirements: 
- 62 Woodcutting 
- 60 Fletching 
- 56 Crafting 
- 52 Agility 
- 50 Slayer 
- 50 Attack 
- 49 Magic 

Rewards of OSRS Sins of the Father quest

Once you complete the master quest, you will be able to receive various rewards below: 
- 2 Quest points 
- Access to Darkmeyer 
- Improved Ivandis flail 
- New Drakan's medallion teleport options 
- 3 Tomes of experience giving 15,000 experience each 

How do you think of the upcoming OSRS Sins of the Father quest? Anyway, you can always come to our site for cheap OSRS gold with fast delivery. 

The RS3gold Team

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