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Learn OSRS Zalcano, the New Boss in Prifddinas Capital City

Time: 02/07/19

As one of the foes coming to the Prifddinas city, OSRS Zalcano will be a new boss released this year. Here you could learn some information on this boss, strategies to defeat her and rewards including OSRS Crystal equipment seed.

General information on Zalcano OSRS boss

Zalcano is a new boss that may be added to the game with Prifddinas OSRS, the capital city of Tirannwn surrounded by walls made from elven crystal.
OSRS Zalcano is immune to traditional combat damage, but your Mining, Smithing and Runecraft skills can be used create magical charges to destroy her stone armour. You can damage her by mining her core with the pickaxe after her stone armour is destroyed. It is recommended to fight Zalcano a high hitpoints level as her attack will be powerful.
Access to Prifddinas city is the only requirement to meet Zalcano. You can choose to fight against her both alone and in a group.

What can you gain from OSRS Zalcano?

Besides experience in Mining, Smithing and Runecrafting, you are able to obtain a new item named OSRS Crystal equipment seed. Crystal equipment seeds can be combined with Crystal shards to create new pieces of equipment: the Crystal pickaxe, Crystal axe and Crystal harpoon. These equipments can be created by combining a Crystal equipment seed, 120 Crystal shards and the piece of Dragon equipment, which requires 76 Smithing and 76 Crafting.

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