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Home / RS3Gold news / Learn RS Combat Changes with Long-time Bug Fixes by Mod Pi

Learn RS Combat Changes with Long-time Bug Fixes by Mod Pi

Time: 11/22/18

Yesterday Mod Pi revealed several changes he made to RS3 combat including some annoying bugs that have been in game for years, which makes many players appreciate. You could read the details of these fixes below if you have interests.

Some combat changes & bug fixes currently in QA

There are some fixes made by Mod Pi when he came back to combat for a few hours:
1. Barrage auto’s giving 2% adrenaline vs main target/single target fix is now in QA. The 2h/dw adrenaline issue is not addressed this time.
2. The adjustment on RuneScape Tsunami is now in QA as well. It will cast on your target rather than in the direction you are facing.
3. Provoke no longer queues itself when queuing is turned off.
4. Entering RuneScape combat with a basic ability will now correctly award adrenaline.

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