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Learn RS Desperate Times Skills, Items & More Recommended

Time: 10/10/19

Runescape Desperate Times is a member-only quest with intermediate difficulty and medium length. It's a continuation of the Elder Gods quest series. As for this quest, you need to use some useful and necessary skills and items. Also, you can get some rewards after completing it.   

Skills & Items of Runescape Desperate Times suggested

As a intermediate Runescape quest, Desperate Times has its own useful skills and items, which can prompt you to finish the quest easily. On the one hand, you'd better use 50 Mining, 50 Smithing and 50 Divination skills throughout the quest. However, please note that these skills are not boostable. 
On the one hand, apart from the necessary skills, we also encourage you to carry some items when completing Desperate Times quest, including: 
- 3 rune bars
- 2 runite stone spirits
- 10 mind runes 
- 10 gleaming energy 
- Old necklace or necklace of Charos 
- Any set of equipment allowing accessing to the Black Knights' Fortress or a Skull of Remembrance for teleporting directly inside
In addition, two Phoenix lair teleports, two teleports to Varrock and Dig Site pendant are also needed for this quest.

What rewards can you get from Desperate Times quest? 

During finishing Runescape Desperate Times quest, you need to defeat five level 50 enemies. When you killing these enemies and completing the quest, the following rewards can be yours:
- 3 quest points 
- Charos' clue carrier 
- A master clue scroll 
- A huge XP lamp 
- 2 Treasure Hunter keys and 2 Hearts of Ice 
What's more, you can also unlock two kinds of music such as The Charos Enigma and Seren's Plea.

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The RS3gold Team    

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