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Learn RS Monkey Madness Quick Guide with Walkthrough

Time: 05/10/19

RuneScape Monkey Madness is the quest that allows you to get Monkey Nuts from Solihib's Food Stall on Ape Atoll. How to complete it? Let’s learn the guide.

RS3 Monkey Madness Guide lead you to Monkey Nuts

1.Speak to King Narnode Shareen in The Grand Tree to get gnome royal seal, right-click the ladder Top Floor and take glider to Karamja - 'Gandius'.
2.Head north along the coast to a shipyard, enter through the gate. Then speak to peak with G.L.O. Caranock at south of the shipyard. Return to King Narnode.
3.Talk to Daero at the Blurberry bar platform on east side of the 1st floor of Grand Tree, then talk to Waydar. 
4.Unscramble the puzzle or pay 200,000 coins to Glough located in the tree house south-east of the Grand Tree. Speak to Daero again or return to the hangar.
5.Speak to Daero, then to Waydar to fly to Crash Island. Speak to Waydar after you peak to Lumdo.

II.Ape Atoll
1.Travel far west and then north to a bamboo gate on Crash Island. Stand there getting pelted by poisoned arrows to get into prison.
2.Picklock the cell and escape prison, stay at least 2 squares away from guards. Then stay in grass to hide from archer monkeys, then travel south against the western wall of Temple of Marimbo. Go east along the temple wall and around the monkey palace. Speak to Garkor.

1.Head to the U-shaped building south of monkey village, enter through the southern door. Search the stacked crates two tiles east of the trapdoor for monkey dentures, then the south-easternmost crate to crawl down into the basement (may take up to 2500 life points damage), afterwards the southern crate in north-west corner of the basement for a monkeyspeak amulet mould.
2.Go back to Garkor, then run south of him towards a ladder, avoid the monkey guards (but remain still next to the graveyard), quickly run to the ladder.
3.Climb the ladder, cross it, and jump off end of bridge, then travel west to a dungeon. Climb down and run through the long dungeon.

IV.Monkey's uncle
1.Return to the monkey colony (protect from missiles and surge to gate), escape prison and run east into the temple. Take the southern ladder up, the eastern ladder down, and then the trapdoor down into the dungeon. Or you can kill one of the two gorilla guards blocking the trapdoor and climb down that way.
2.Use the enchanted bar on the fire pit, then the amulet on a ball of wool to create an amulet of monkeyspeak. Head to banana garden west of the prison with monkey bones/corpse, wait for monkey's aunt to leave. Go into the garden via the corridor at north-east corner. Retreat to the corridor if she returns.
3.Equip the monkeyspeak amulet, talk to the monkey child, talk to him again, then again. 
4.Receive the Monkey talisman from the child after the Monkey's Aunt pass by the child once again. (Drop your current Monkey talisman, repeat the same step if you obtain multiple for Recipe for Disaster: Freeing King Awowogei or Do No Evil.)
5.Take monkey bones and Monkey talisman, use it on Zooknock at the end of the dungeon under Ape Atoll. Then teleport to Ardougne.

V.King Awowogei
1.Enter Ardougne zoo and equip greegree (monkey brown with red cap)). Speak to the monkey minder. Then speak to monkey, unequip monkey greegree and speak to the minder again. Do not teleport with the monkey.
2.Run to the Grand Tree and talk to Daero, then to Waydar, finally Lumdo. If captured, equip the greegree for easy travels.
3.Speak with Garkor in monkey form. Enter the room north of Garkor (The elder guard stops you). Then go to west coast of the island, climb to vantage point on top of the hill from south-west, go up the ladder. Walk across the bamboo bridge, climb down eastern ladder, and speak to Kruk.
4.Speak to Awowogei in throne room be assigned to rescue a monkey from the Ardougne Zoo. Talk to King Awowogei again, then to Garkor.
5.Speak to Garkor again for the 10th squad sigil, right-click it to kill Jungle Demon. The speak to King Narnode in the Grand Tree.

Follow the RuneScape Monkey Madness guide to win 10,000 coins, 3 cut diamond and more from the quest. Also, if you need to buy RuneSape gold cheap, please come to us.

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