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Home / RS3Gold news / Learn RuneScape Desert Treasure 2 & Skillcape Quest in Game Jam

Learn RuneScape Desert Treasure 2 & Skillcape Quest in Game Jam

Time: 04/16/18

Game Jam 2018 has come from April 14, in which some upcoming contents are revealed by dozens of devs. You could learn the information below on Skillcape quest RuneScape and Desert Treasure 2, and notice that everything is in progress now and subject to change.

Skillcape quest RuneScape with Hunter first

The idea of Skillcape quest RuneScape came to Mod Osborne when he was working on Firemaker’s Curse with Mod Ana. He wants to give players a quest that feels like a culmination of an entire skill with these new rewards as a step over the 99 players already have.
Hunter is chosen as the first due to story. If you speak to the Hunter skillcape tutor, he will tell you about Raharni Wildcats, whose fur is used to make skillcapes. You can drop into an environment with the objective of killing the Wildcat Chief to be the master of Hunter, but then you’re set up in this survival scenario and explore the island.
Now the RuneScape Skillcape quest has completed for about 3/4.

Information on RuneScape Desert Treasure II

Developed by Mod Raven, RuneScape Desert Treasure 2 copies a lot of the structure from Desert Treasure: opening section where you learn about stuff and things and key item, some hint clues and then it branches off into 4 sections which can be done in any order. There will be 4 individual little stories which lead on to the final section with more to learn and more stories. Additionally, Asgarnia Smith will return with his archaeological group in RuneScape Desert Treasure 2.

There will be another RuneScape GameJam 2018 Stream at 16:00 Game Time on April 19th. Please don’t forget to watch it and always buy RS gold cheap & fast from us!

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