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Home / RS3Gold news / Learn Some Notes on Witch House RuneScape Quest Available to F2P

Learn Some Notes on Witch House RuneScape Quest Available to F2P

Time: 09/12/17

As one of the initial quests released for RS members, Witch House RuneScape has been available to free players since now. Meanwhile, there are some changes to this quest. That means you can play it with cheap RS 3 gold, whether you have tried it or not before.

What are the changes to Witch House RuneScape quest?
Most of all, the Witch House RuneScape will be available to every player, including the free players. Meanwhile, Jagex has give a new lick of paint to the house and fixed some bugs in order to make it smoother to play. 

What does Witch’s House RuneScape require?
The quest Witch’s House RuneScape requires you to help the little boy Harvey get his ball lost in the garden of a local witch, Nora T. Hagg. And you must have the ability to defeat 4 monsters from level 16 to 49 continuously.

What should you notice when playing the Witch’s House quest?
Although the Witch’s House quest is not hard to play and needs about 10 minutes to complete, there are some notes you should remember. 
1.please wear the Leather Gloves when opening the door. Otherwise, you will be hit for some life points. And if you don’t have the gloves, you can search the nearby crates, boxes and sacks several times to find one set.
2.For the key from the fountain, you must have read the Diary and owned it in your inventory.
3.Never let the witch see you before you escape the house with the ball, or she will teleport you outside and you have to repeat what you have done mostly.
4.Make sure you stand at the center of the hedge and move when the witch’s back is turned to you to avoid her detecting you. 

With all these changes, everyone can enjoy the Witch House RuneScape with cheap RS 3 gold. Have a nice experience!

The RS3gold Team

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