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Home / RS3Gold news / Learn Theatre of Blood OSRS & A Taste of Hope Progress Update

Learn Theatre of Blood OSRS & A Taste of Hope Progress Update

Time: 05/15/18

The latest Old School blog has detailed some of the work individual members of the team who have been doing on the Theatre of Blood OSRS project, which is planned to release in game on June 7. There is also more information on A Taste of Hope OSRS quest, and you could read details below.

Theatre of Blood OSRS work members revealed

From the progress update blog, you can know about their development team, art team, audio team and QA team and what changes they have faced in Theatre of Blood.
As regards Lady Verzik OSRS, Kieren is finishing off Lady Verzik’s fight and will then move onto the remaining reward item code. Lady Verzik is a truly unique boss, and the fight against her will be the climactic one in Theatre of Blood.

A Taste of Hope OSRS quest with requirements

Before the coming of Theatre of Blood OSRS, the accompanying quest “A Taste of Hope” will release in game on the 24th of May as an instalment in the Myreque quest series.
The start point of A Taste of Hope quest is taking to Garth outside Ver Sinhaza in eastern Morytania. And here are the quest requirements:
Completion of the Darkness of Hallowvale OSRS quest
Level 48 Crafting
Level 45 Agility
Level 40 Attack
Level 40 Herblore
Level 38 Slayer
The team revealed that the quest will soon be ready for an internal playtest as it is in the last week of development. Once feedback from that has been implemented, it will be ready for release.

Are you looking forward to fighting against Lady Verzik in Theatre of Blood OSRS? If you need cheap OSRS gold, come here and get it easily at any time!

The RS3gold Team

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