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Home / RS3Gold news / Learn Unspeakable Horrors RuneScape with Scare Tactics Drop

Learn Unspeakable Horrors RuneScape with Scare Tactics Drop

Time: 03/13/18

New Slayer monster – Unspeakable horrors RuneScape has been released in game, located in the Mos Le’Harmless Caves. Here is a guide for the horrors, including the basics and requirements, rewards with Scare Tactics RuneScape, and comparison between Unspeakable horrors & Cave horrors.

What are Unspeakable horrors RuneScape?

Unspeakable horror RuneScape is a Slayer monster found in the north-eastern part of the Mos Le’Harmless Caves. You need to complete the Cabin Fever quest first for the access to Mos Le’Harmless, and level 58 Slayer, a Witchwood icon, and a light source are required to successfully hunt and kill the Unspeakable horrors.

What can you gain from Unspeakable horrors?

The rewards from Unspeakable horrors include various items, especially the black mask and Scare Tactics RuneScape. The Scare Tactics is a book containing four new basic and threshold abilities, and all four abilities are unlocked at once upon reading the book:
Shock (Magic level 3): stuns and knocks back the target, as well as dealing 20-100% ability damage.
Horror (Magic level 15): stuns, knocks back and binds the target for a short period of time whilst dealing 40-200% ability damage.
Demoralise (Ranged level 3): stuns and knocks back the target, as well as dealing 20-100% ability damage.
Rout (Ranged level 15): stuns, knocks back and binds the target for 3 seconds whilst dealing 40-200% ability damage.

Comparison: Unspeakable horrors & Cave horrors

Both of Unspeakable horrors and Cave horrors are Slayer monsters found in Mos Le’Harmless Caves. It is suggested to buy a witchwood icon from any Slayer Master and wear it while fighting horrors in close combat, because the icon protects against the horrors’ scream which reduces stats and life points.
However, Unspeakable horrors are much stronger than the Cave horrors RuneScape found in the rest of the cave. The combat level and LP of Unspeakable horrors is 105 and 13,000, much higher than those of Cave horrors. In addition, you have chance to gain Scare Tactics RuneScape only from Unspeakable horrors.

Hope now you could feel clearer about Unspeakable horrors RuneScape and Scare Tactics. Moreover, come here anytime when you want to buy RuneScape gold with fast delivery!

The RS3gold Team

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