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Home / RS3Gold news / Month Ahead: Learn RuneScape Elite Dungeon 2 Latest Information

Month Ahead: Learn RuneScape Elite Dungeon 2 Latest Information

Time: 08/08/18

The Month Ahead: August live stream revealed more information on RuneScape Elite Dungeon 2 coming next week, including changes to achievements, some drops and more. You could also read our previous Dragonkin Laboratory Preview to know more about this Elite Dungeon.

New information on RuneScape Elite Dungeon 2

1. The first celestial dragon Astalan’s mechanics will hit you “like a freight-train”.
2. Achievements have gone from 17 to 39, and there is the golden “the Elite” title for completing all Elite Dungeon achievements. The title is maintainable so players will lose the title like Reaper following the release of more Elite Dungeons.
3. There is the chance to get lucky dragonkin coin, but it’s very rare.
4. Gemstone scales - disassemble or alch them. It gives some specific materials such as Precious components.
5. There will be a new item called RuneScape Dragonfire ash.
6. Relics from both Aminishi and Dragonkin laboratory will disassemble into only Rare components (excluding Ancient, Fortunate, and Refined).
7. Mutated Fury, Mutated Flurry, and Mutated Barge ability codices will be dropped by each of the dragon bosses. The team has introduced a way to reduce the cooldown on Berserk using certain ability combos, and made all Melee channeled abilities under a certain proc (Mutator proc) be damage-over-time effects instead of a channel.

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