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New Changes to OSRS Song of the Elves & Others This Week

Time: 08/09/19

To improve the experience in game, the new round of updates to OSRS Song of the Elves hits this week. Besides, the changes of smithing and silver crafting are also made this week. And some updates details you need to know are offered to you.

What changes are made to Zalcano, Gauntlet & others? 

According to your feedback, a few changes based on the last updates are released this week:
1. Zalcano
Time to cause damage through Zalcano's symbols becomes slightly longer and while standing beneath Zalcano, the damage you will take has been reduced after she has been knocked down. Also, due to the limited purpose the quick-pass option on Zalcano's prison barrier has been removed in game. Besides, the falling rocks deal damage during the Zalcano encounter when hitting the floor rather than the player to be consistent with other similar mechanics and she is able to spend a consistent amount of time in destroying the glowing rock. What's more, Zalcano's death animation has been extended in order to prevent her from appearing again for a brief moment. Only the player who causes the most damage will receive the drops from the Golem.
2. The Gauntlet
- If you have the ingredients to create other items, the interface will still open while creating items within the Gauntlet.
- If you don't have a different powerful weapon component, you will have a guaranteed chance to get it after killing a duplicate tier 3 creature within the Gauntlet.
- In order to showcase your deaths and the global deaths for each version of the Gauntlet, the scoreboard in the Gauntlet lobby has been extended in the game.
3. Crystal weapons
Crystal weapons and shields with 2500 charges (or brand new ones) now stack in the bank this week. Please notice that after you log in, these will not stack in the bank automatically but will be converted no matter when they are equipped or gain/lose any charges.

Updates of smithing and silver crafting 

This week the smithing and silver crafting interface becomes more convenient for you. The quantity buttons now is added into the interface and you will be able to choose the amount you want like all or other quantities. Besides, the silver crafting interface adds some extra usability adjustments to make full use of its available space. Further, now its borders are consistent with other related menus and use the original Old School style like other related interfaces do.

There are some new changes releasing this week. Hope you will have a happy and better adventure in OSRS Song of the Elves and enjoy other changes delightedly. We always provide cheap OSRS gold for you on our site. Welcome to us!

The RS3gold Team    

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