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New RS Archaeology Skill with Level 120 Announced at RuneFest 2019

Time: 10/12/19

RS Archaeology has been announced at RuneFest 2019. It's the 28th skill in RS with the maximum level 120, which will be released in 2020. Not only can you collect materials with it, but also you can create new devices. What's more, you will be able to obtain several rewards during Archaeology.     

RS Archaeology: a gathering & manufacturing skill

At RuneFest 2019, it has been revealed that there will be a new skill Archaeology with the maximum level 120 appeared in RS, which will be RS's 28th skill being released in January 2020. The skill Archaeology will be hugely impressive for its fantastic features.
For one thing, it is a gathering skill like woodcutting or fishing. You can use this skill to excavate materials at dig sites such as Varrock Dig Site, Kharid-Et, Everlight, the Infernal Source, Stormguard Citadel and Warforge. And you will be able to use a new tool mattock to help you excavate at dig sites.  
For another thing, Archaeology is also a manufacturing skill like Smithing or Fletching to create real treasures. As a manufacturing component of this skill, you can restore the damaged artefacts found while excavating and fix them with the materials you have excavated. You can also trade in the completed artefacts at the Varrock Dig Site for chronotes or to collectors like Wise Old Man, Bentnoze and Wartface. 

Rewards of RS Archaeology skill 

While you excavate materials and restore artefacts using this skill, you will be able to obtain the following rewards:
1. Ancient Summoning: This is a skill available after completing content in the Infernal Source. You can use this Summoning skill to use binding contracts in order to bind demonic Slayer creatures and summon them to obtain unique effects.  
2. Ancient Invention: This is ancient technology and blueprints found during training Archaeology. You will be able to create new devices with materials and artefacts like ancient gizmo, XP capacitor and kinetic dynamo. 
3. Ancient potion making: It will be learnt in the Orthen dig site.
4. Relics: You can activate up to 3 unlocked relic powers at once time.
5. Artefact weapons: They can be found while excavating and you can restore them to become weapons.

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The RS3gold Team 

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