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Home / RS3Gold news / New RuneScape Charity Initiative: Round Up Payments to Donate

New RuneScape Charity Initiative: Round Up Payments to Donate

Time: 12/07/17

RuneScape is now trialling a new charity initiative that allows players to round up payments to the next whole value and donate the excess to charities. You can choose whether to donate with RuneScape Charity Initiative, and every penny will be put towards the work to support people with mental health.

New charity initiative to donate to Jagex chosen charities

From December, Runescape is now trialling a new initiative that allows you to round up payments to the next whole value, should you wish to – the excess of which will go to our partner charities. Every essential penny will be put towards the amazing work done by these incredible charities, supporting young people with their mental health.
Runescape’ll be testing this out for a few weeks to get your feedback before making any widespread, permanent changes. This means that, for the meantime, only some of you will have the option to give using this method. 

Donate based on your own choice with Charity Initiative

For those who do, it will be completely opt-in and transparent.
There will be an option below your order, saying that “I’d like to donate to Jagex chosen charities by rounding up my order total to the nearest shole value.” If you don’t tick the box, no extra funds will be donated, and how much you’re giving will be made clear in the basket summary.

All those pennies add up! Please consider rounding up your purchase as RuneScape new charity initiative is available now. Moreover, come to our site any time when you want some safe & cheap RS3 gold.

The RS3gold Team

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