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OSRS 2019 Birthday Event Release Date & Rewards Speculation

Time: 02/03/19

OSRS 6th Birthday event will come this February to celebrate the release of the game on February 22, 2013. Each year there is something different for its anniversary, and here we speculate when and how you could enjoy OSRS 2019 Birthday event.

When will OSRS 6th Birthday event start?

To speculate the release date of OSRS 2019 Birthday event, first we should know when it began and ended in the last few years:
2018 Birthday event: from Feb 22 to Mar 15
2017 Birthday event: from Feb 16 to Mar 16
2016 Birthday event: from Feb 18 to Mar 3
According to the information on previous events, the Birthday event always starts and ends on Wednesday. It can be speculated that OSRS 6th Birthday may be released on February 21, 2019 and last for 3-4 weeks.

What can you enjoy for OSRS 6th Birthday?

Both of the Birthday events in 2017 and 2018 start in the Falador Party Room, so it is likely that you have another mission there this year, given by Party Pete OSRS or other characters. There are always some birthday presents as rewards; if you do not own the birthday event items from previous years, you will have the chance to receive them after completing OSRS 2019 Birthday event.
In addition, this year there may be a birthday stream with a data segment, showing some interesting data that players have interests on. You could tell the team what you would like to see and look forward to that live stream.

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