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Home / RS3Gold news / OSRS Aerial Fishing: New Training Method with Golden Tench

OSRS Aerial Fishing: New Training Method with Golden Tench

Time: 11/26/18

Revealed in RuneFest 2018, there will be a new training method coming in the future – OSRS Aerial Fishing. It requires at least 43 Fishing/35 Hunter and offers Fishing, Hunter and Cooking experience, and you will have the chance to obtain the rare OSRS Golden Tench.

What & where is upcoming OSRS Aerial Fishing?

Aerial Fishing OSRS is a new training method which combines the Fishing and Hunter skills. You will enjoy it in an island in the middle of the Lake Molch, and there is a NPC called Nicolas Louchart who uses birds to catch and return fish and salamanders. A bird will be equipped on your arm, which will swoop down and return with the catch after you click a fishing pool and there will be four different types of catches in this lake.

How much XP can you earn from Aerial Fishing?

At level 43 Fishing and 35 Hunter (the lowest requirement), you should expect to earn about 17k Fishing, 25k Hunter and 5k Cooking experience per hour from Aerial Fishing OSRS. At level 99 Fishing and 99 Hunter, you should expect to earn about 60k Fishing, 80k Hunter and 15k Cooking experience per hour. Cooking experience is only granted if you are cutting the catch.

Gain OSRS Golden Tench as a very rare reward

When Aerial Fishing is released in game, there will be a chance to gain an extremely rare reward – OSRS Golden Tench. It has been revealed that this reward is a fish that can be equipped in the hand and has no stats, and it is not tradeable.

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The RS3gold Team

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