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OSRS AGS: Armadyl Godsword Prices Drops by 1.5M in 3 Months

Time: 04/18/19

Recently, the AGS RuneScape, short for OSRS Armadyl Godsword attracts attention from the RS community for great price drop. As one of the four variants of the Godsword whose stats looks nice, and special attack, The Judgment, also looks cool, why its price drops? Give us your ideas.

Introduction to AGS

As a Godsword that was fought over during the God Wars, the Armadyl Godsword (AGS) can be created by using an Armadyl hilt(obtained from Kree'arra) on a completed godsword blade. Once made, the sword requires 75 Attack to wield. Its special attack, The Judgment, grants doubled accuracy and a very large amount of damage dealt (up to 70 damage to a monster, over 90 damage when the a black mask or a Castle wars bracelet is applied). 

Because of its excellent stats, the sword has been popular for most combat situations, and used as a "knock-out" weapon in PvP when facing boss monsters such as General Graardor, and another player.

The price change of the Armadyl Godsword

Generally in the past 6 years, the price of the AGS has been falling. In the past 3 months, its price has dropped by 1.5m (see picture). 

Why the price of Armadyl Godsword falls? So far, it is not clear, but it might be something to do with its excellency. Its overwhelming power almost makes it unfair when a player fights (or fights monsters together with) another player who has the sword. Some players used to complain about the imbalance of power caused by the weapon.

What do you think about the price drop of the OSRS Armadyl Godsword? If you have a AGS RuneScape, how do you see the powerful weapon with the power to deliver the Judgement? If you want more RS news and cheap RS 07 gold and RS3 gold, come to our site.

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