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OSRS Commander Zilyana Guide: Learn Strategy, Skill & Equipment

Time: 06/06/19

Killing OSRS Commander Zilyana is always followed by tremendous harvest of rewards and coins. Besides the unique drops like the Saradomin sword, Saradomin hilt, Armadyl crossbow, and crossbow pieces, you can also win different portions and armours, and a considerable load of coin. Check the Commander Zilyana Guide below.

Equipment & skill recommended for fighting Commander Zilyana

Recommended skills:















Recommended equipment:


Recommended equipment


Armadyl helmet, Ranging cape(t), Twisted bow,Dragon arrow, Toxic blowpipe, Ring of suffering (i), etc..


Verac's helm, Fire cape, dragonfire shield, Berserker ring (i), Amulet of fury, etc..

Melee trio

 Barrows helm, Amulet of torture, Fire cape, Berserker ring (i), God blessing, etc..

Strategy & Tips for killing Commander Zilyana

The Commander Zilyana attacks at a speed of 2 (every 1.2 seconds) with high accuracy, which can result in a very quick death. Therefore, it is advised you run around and attack her. Meanwhile, drink stamina potions to keep your energy. Besides, Zilyana's melee attack targets at one certain player, while her magic attack will hit everyone in the room. She can only use either of these attacks when she is in melee distance with the player she is targeting. And she turns to a nearby attacker if she cannot attack her current target in a team. Usually Zilyana "pauses" in movement for seconds whenever she uses her magic attack, the ranger can take the chance to either flee or fit in some extra attacks. So, a ranger is always recommended in a team when fighting Zilyana. But for the melee users in a team, it is advised to use the Zamorak godsword's special attack (for retreats) or Bandos godsword's special attack (for reducing Zilyana's Defence) while in Verac's set .

Follow the Commander Zilyana Guide guide to beat Zilyana OSRS and win Saradomin sword, Saradomin hilt, Armadyl crossbow, and crossbow pieces, as well as coins and other in-game items. If you want to buy OSRS gold cheap, come to us and get some.

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