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OSRS Corporeal Beast Guide: Learn Strategy, Tips & Equipment

Time: 06/03/19

OSRS Corporeal Beast, aka Corp, is a large monster accessible via a games necklace, or an entrance in level 21 Wilderness east of the Graveyard of Shadows. Killing it gives Spectral sigil, Arcane sigil, and other drops. Check the guide and be ready to conquer the monster.

Suggested skills and equipment to kill Corporeal Beast

To ensure you can kill the Corporeal Beast OSRS, it is highly recommended that you reach the following skill requirements.








Suggested level







After fulfilling the above skill requirements, you are also suggested to take the following equipment when you fight the monster. 


Serpentine helm, Amulet of torture, Zamorakian spear, Infernal cape, Berserker ring (i), Rada's blessing 4, Karil's armour or Black dragonhide armour, or Void Knight equipment, etc..


Necklace of anguish, Ava's assembler, Twisted bow, Twisted buckler, Dragon arrows, Archers ring (i), Armadyl armour pieces,etc..

Note: When using Melee to fight Corp, high magical defence gear like Karil's armour or Black dragonhide armour are recommended to teams less than 5 people, while high Strength bonus and Accuracy gears are recommend to teams that have 5 or more people.And when using Ranged, you’d better fight in a large team.

Strategy and tips for killing Corp OSRS

The Corp has 2,000, and is able to reduce 50% damage from weapons other than spear or halberd. It also gives three kinds of attack.
Melee: Using its claw.
Magic: High Damage, Stat Drain, AoE.
Dark energy core: An attack sapping health and prayer of players next to it in a 3x3 area, meanwhile restoring the monster’s health.
To deal beat the monster, first, drain its defend with enough Dragon warhammer special attacks, during which you can teleport to a designated teammate's house, restore your special energy from the pool, teleport back and resume your attack. The Beast does not regenerate any drained stats when no one is in its chamber. When deal with dark energy core, use crossbow firing Emerald bolts (e), its special will slow the core’s speed to sap players' health and prayer. 

1.When dealing with Dark energy core, leave a person to stay near it in case it bounces around and the bolts' effects are removed.
2.It is recommended you use a games necklace to teleport to the Corporeal Beast.
3.Once killed, the monster drops Spectral sigil, Arcane sigil and Elysian sigil as unique drops.

Now follow the OSRS Corporeal Beast Guide to beat the monster and win Spectral sigil, Arcane sigil and more. But remember to enter safely with games necklace, and get enough equipment and OSRS gold for sale from us.

The RS3gold Team

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