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OSRS Crystal Armour: New Armour Made by Crystal Armour Seed

Time: 01/29/19

A brand-new armour set, OSRS Crystal Armour was designed and introduced in the latest official news post. Crystal armour seed and Crystal shards OSRS are required to create this new armour, which are both new items gained in Prifddinas.

How to obtain new OSRS Crystal Armour?

Crystal Armour is a new armour set which is designed to compliment the existing crystal weaponry. This new armour will contain a helmet, a chestplate and platelegs, requiring 70 Defence and 50 Agility to equip.
There is only one way to obtain Crystal Armour OSRS. You will need OSRS Crystal armour seed and Crystal shards to create the pieces of the new Crystal Armour set. The Crystal armour seed can be obtained from Gauntlet OSRS, the new solo PvM minigame; Crystal shards can be collected by completing various activities in Prifddinas, including the Gauntlet.
Here are the requirements to create Crystal Armour:

Item Crystal armour seeds Crystal shards Smithing Level Crafting Level
Crystal Helmet 1 50 70 70
Crystal Platelegs 2 100 72 72
Crystal Chestplate 3 150 74 74
Total 6 300 - -

Learn stats of new Crystal Armour OSRS

The development team also reveals the stats of Crystal Armour, showing in the table below:
Crystal Armour OSRS
There is a set effect as well. A 5% boost to damage and a 15% boost to accuracy can be received when using crystal weaponry if you wear all three pieces of OSRS Crystal Armour. Stats won’t degrade when Crystal Armour degrade.

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