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OSRS DMM Spring Finals 2019 Re-Run to Address the In-Game Bugs

Time: 04/08/19

During the OSRS DMM Spring 2019 Finals last month, some in-game bugs has been reported to impact the normal functions of the game. To address the issue, the developer team has announced to re-invite the competitor back in game. What will happen to the DMM Summer 2019 then? Let’s see.

The re-run of the DMM Spring Finals 2019

If you have paid attention to the DMM Finals this Spring, you must have noticed the news reporting some in-game bugs that teleport players to places they shouldn’t be, or stop them from re-logging in game during the tournament. After the Spring Finals, the RS team has made a deep investigation into the cause these problems, looking for solution to address them. This month, they have declared a re-run of the tournament, re-inviting all the final 256 players qualified for Mar. 30’s event back into the game. The accounts of all participants will be set as what they were at the time the Permadeath stage began. So far, the time of the additional Spring Finals, as well as its prize money has not yet been decided, but we will follow up the event and offer you the latest update.

Impact of DMM Spring Finals re-run on DMM Summer Season 2019

Since the re-run of the Spring Finals will be an independent additional event, which means the result and arrangement of Mar. 30’s event will be honored and remained, the arrangement of the DMM Summer Season can continue normally as it is planned, running till the day of May 20. Therefore, don’t worry and take your time enjoying the good time of the RS Summer Season.

If you missed the DDM Spring Finals tournament last month, you can now make a good use of the re-run of the DMM Spring Finals. And meanwhile, prepare for the DMM Summer Season 2019. Last but not least, buy DMM Summer Season gold cheap from us if you need any.

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