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OSRS Making History Guide: Gain Access to Upcoming Song of Elves

Time: 06/06/19

As the development of Old School RuneScape Song of Elves progressing, it’s time to learn to complete one of it required quest, Making History OSRS. Through this quest, you can earn access to the museum in the outpost and Enchanted key.

Basic requirements & skills for OSRS Making History

1.Completion of The Restless Ghost and Priest in Peril quests.
2.Crafting: lvl 24
   Mining & Smithing lvl 40, or Magic lvl 33
3.Recommended equipment:
  Spade; Sapphire amulet (Strung); Ghostspeak amulet; Necklace of passage for Outpost teleports; Teleport runes for Ardougne Teleport; Ectophial; Ring of dueling; Enchanted lyre or access to fairy rings, Stamina or Energy potions.

Making History OSRS Guide

1.Talk to Jorral in the outpost Northwest of Ardougne. After which finish the following three parts in random order.

Erin the silver merchant
1.Talk to the Silver merchant in the East Ardougne market.
2.Find the chest buried north of castle wars using a spade, then open it with the enchanted key.

Droalak the Ghost
1.Head to Port Phasmatys general store and talk to Droalak outside.
2.Give Melina a strung sapphire amulet in the building east of the general store.
3.Speak to Droalak for a scroll.

Dron the Warrior
1.Head to Rellekka and talk to Blanin east of the longhall.
2.Speak to Dron north of the longhall.
  (All answers in the conversation)

Reporting back
1.Return to the outpost with the scroll and journal, talk to Jorral.
2.Talk to King Lathas on the first floor of the palace next to the east/west wall splitting Ardougne. Afterwards talk to Jorral again back at the outpost.

The OSRS Song of Elves is getting nearer and nearer to its release. It’s a good time to learn the Making History Guide and buy RS 07 gold for sale to prepare for its arrival.

The RS3gold Team

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