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OSRS The Nightmare of Ashihama Poll Blog Revealed November 26

Time: 11/27/19

A new design of OSRS The Nightmare of Ashihama has been revealed. And it's time to poll on the contents such as The Nightmare boss and proposed rewards. Take a sneak peek on what you may see in game. 

What happens to OSRS The Nightmare of Ashihama? 

The Nightmare of Ashihama also called The Nightmare is a new group boss who feasts on people's life force during their sleep, with the appearance of a large and hag-like woman. Ashihama is an island located in the Eastern Lands in which sirens resides in. Unfortunately, the island has been plagued by nightmares who always stole and feast on sirens' dreams for a long time. After the leader Shura of sirens defeated them, The Nightmare escaped to Morytania in a few moments and now settles in Sisterhood Sanctuary below the town of Slepe. You need to help Shura defeat The Nightmare there once and for all. 

Poll to OSRS The Nightmare of Ashihama 

OSRS team has posted a poll blog about proposed The Nightmare boss in Sisterhood Sanctuary, and you can run south of Port Phasmatys or by paying 10,000 coins to Andras to take a boat in order to access to her. A timer will count down to the arrival of The Nightmare when the first player passes through the barrier. If she spawns, players will not be allowed to enter her arena. And if Hardcore Ironmen die during the fight with her, they will lose their status and revert to regular Ironmen. 

The Nightmare

Poll to the rewards of OSRS The Nightmare of Ashihama

After defeating The Nightmare, you have a rare chance to get following rewards proposed for OSRS The Nightmare of Ashihama, including:
1. Inquisitor's mace: A personal 1-handed crush weapon of The Inquisitor sealed in the Sisterhood Sanctuary. Now it's unearthed by The Nightmare, requiring 75 Attack to equip. It will be tradeable but not degrade. 
2. Inquisitor's armour: A new set of melee armour focusing on crush accuracy and defence. It contains three pieces including the Great Helm, the Hauberk and the Tassets requiring 70 Strength and 30 Defence to equip. They are tradeable but don't degrade, and you can pack it into a set at the Grand Exchange. 
3. Staff of Nightmares and Orbs: The former is a powerful magic weapon requiring 65 Magic to equip. It can attach the Orbs containing Harmonised Orb, Volatile Orb and Eldritch Orb. 
4. Siren's Tome: A magical tome requiring 75 Magic to equip. 

How do you think of the design of OSRS The Nightmare of Ashihama? Please leave your thoughts online. Besides, please buy cheap OSRS Gold from us anytime. 

The RS3gold Team 

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