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Patch Notes Apr. 8 Featured with RS Wishing Well Bush Removal

Time: 04/09/19

This week’s patch notes, there are several updates in Combat and Skilling covering contents like RuneScape Wishing Well bush, Mandrith Wilderness task, Ambassador, and others. Learn the details in the text and see if they effect your in-game experience.

Combat updates in Mandrith Wilderness task, Ambassador & more

Updates in Combat always give the most direct impact on your in-game experience. This week, the focus of the Combat updates have been set on Mandrith and Ambassador. Check the details listed below.
1.Once the nightmare creatures die, their special attack no longer deal damage.
2.When you are on a Mandrith Wilderness Task, you can now feel free to collect ushabti souls or complete Slayer Contracts.
3.When you are on a Mandrith Wilderness Task, the gargoyle slayer masks will no longer teleport you to Kuradal's dungeon. 
4.In Elite dungeon, taunt messages of the Ambassador in his final phase will no longer override his chat, making it easier to tell the target of his portal attack. Besides, there will no longer be unstable black holes spawning underneath him.

Updates in Skilling features Wishing Well Bush removal & More

The updates in Skilling mainly covers RuneScape Wishing Well Bush. Because of the mechanics of the Wishing Well, the item, as well as the associated materials it produces, have devalued by large, causing economy problems that lead to critical design and balancing issues. Therefore, the team has decided to remove the item from the game. See details below.
1.Planted wishing well bushes have been removed, and the fully grown unchecked ones has been awarded with XP. 
2.Wishing well bush seeds have been removed, and reimbursed at a rate of 1gp per seed, so are the fruits.
3.Scarab Swarms can no longer spawn outside the Pyramid.

Do you think the updates on the RuneScape Wishing Well bush, Mandrith Wilderness task, Ambassador and other contents favorable to you future in-game experience? Get RuneScape 3 gold for sale from us and try the updates yourself.

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