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Poll to Decide Six Types of Future RS Activity Pets in Game

Time: 10/31/19

The poll to Runescape Activity Pets has been launched by the community. Now you can start to vote for your preferred pets from totally 12 pets offered, and the community will plan to launch the top of six pets. Let's have a look at what kind of pets are in the poll.  

Participate in Runescape Activity Pets poll 

The Runescape community has announced that they has launched a new in-game poll on Activity Pets. And they need you to take part in this poll and vote for the top six types of activity pets out of 12 categories in game. Once the result comes out, all of you can have a chance to create and design your dream pets.

12 Categories of Runescape Activity Pets designed in the in-game poll

There are a total of 12 kinds of activity pets that you can vote, and all of them 
1. Area pet
This pet can be unlocked by skilling or participating in combat in a given area. The area pet will count towards Jack of Blades-style achievements, but you can try to obtain all accessories.
2. Challenge pet
You will have a chance to get it after completing a challenge, but you have only one chance per day. But the community are looking for other ways to obtain this pet, possibly including completing consecutive challenges or obtaining from Fara.
3. Clue Scroll pet
It can be obtained when you complete a Clue Scroll step. The more difficult it is to do a clue, the more likely it is to obtain a pet that might can be dyeable without guarantee.
4. Distraction & Diversion pet
It can be unlocked by participating in one of many Distractions and Diversions and the pet is different per D&D.
5. Event and Weekends pet
The pet can be obtained when you join in a temporary piece of content, including Double XP Weekends, time-limited events, seasonal events, Winter Weekends, The Beach, Mental Health Awareness Week and more. Otherwise you will not get it.
6. Moneymaking pet
You can obtain it when you gain gold from a combat or skilling activity in game. And the community has an idea that the pet can change or grow according to the amount of gold in your crash stack.
7. Minigame pet
When you join in a minigame, you will have a chance to obtain it and the chances will be different each minigame.
8. Player-Owned Farm pet
When you take part in a Player-Owned Farm or Ranch Out of Time activity, you will unlock it randomly.
9. Player-Owned Ports pet
When you complete a voyage, you will have a chance to get it. If not, the chance to get it will be lower. 
10. Season pet
When you are doing actions that can give you a Skilling, Combat, Activity or Boss Pet during seasonal period like Christmas, Halloween and Easter, you will obtain it. 
11. Wilderness and PvP pet
You can get it while doing actions in the Wilderness, and you can also get it from any PvM combat or skilling activity as well as player-killing in the Wilderness. According to the depth of Wilderness, the chance of getting the pet is different.
12. Pet-of-Pets
If you obtain all of the Boss, Skill, Activity and Combat Pets, the pet will be unlocked automatically and will be with you permanently.

How do you think of these types of Runescape Activity Pets? Anyway, come to vote for your favorite pets now. And don't forget to buy cheap RS3 gold form us all the time.

The RS3gold Team 

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