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Home / RS3Gold news / Potential Changes to Theatre of Blood OSRS with Update June 21

Potential Changes to Theatre of Blood OSRS with Update June 21

Time: 06/13/18

Since the launch of the Theatre of Blood OSRS, there has been some valuable feedback from Old School players. Based on the feedback, some improvements will be made on Theatre of Blood with the game update the next week, to make the challenge more satisfying.

Theatre of Blood OSRS tweaks from feedback

Based on the feedback from players, the Old School team intends to propose a few changes to Theatre of Blood OSRS. These changes are planned to release with next week’s game update on the 21st of June.

Main improvements planned for the next update

1. Something similar to the “lean” feature at the Duel Arena may be implemented, allowing you to click on certain areas to automatically move your camera to a different viewing angle.
2. There will be a “shop” system where you have a certain number of points to spend on whichever potions or food you require the most.
3. A Theatre of Blood Clan Chat Channel will be added to find the right members for your group.
4. The team is proposing a reduction to 75% of the Theatre of Blood creatures’ current health for a group of 3 players. The damage creatures deal and their mechanics would remain the same.
5. A bunch of the early waves from the Nylocas OSRS may be removed, with the pillar health lowered and the HP of the final Nylocas boss increased. It will be more punishing when you attack with the wrong attack style.
6. An overall completion time will be provided.
7. A “noticeboard” of sorts may be added to the treasure room accessed after defeating Lady Verzik, displaying some additional information about the raid.
8. The minimum time Sotetseg takes before it damages you will be increased.

What do you think about these changes to Theatre of Blood OSRS? Anyway, find cheap OSRS gold here and enjoy the most convenience!

The RS3gold Team

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