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Prepare Cheap RS Gold with Up to 8% Off for Land Out of Time

Time: 07/04/19

We have confirmed The Land Out of Time will be hitting to game on July 8, and its arrival will definitely bring you many of the surprises. That’s why we will offer up to 8% discounts available from the same day. Please prepare enough cheap RS3 gold & others then.  

When can you enjoy up to 8% off RS gold or more?

Our promo for the Land Out of Time will begin on July 8 and last through until July 16, 2019. During this promo, you can get RS gold, OSRS gold and other more in-game items as many as possible with 6% or 8% off code. 

Two discount codes “SMS6” & “SMS8”

From July 8, you will be able to use two discount codes directly:
6% off code “SMS6”: This code can be used to buy all goods on our site (the special products on our product pages excluded) and help you save 6% of the whole order purchase, and there is no minimum purchase limit. 
8% off code “SMS8”: This code can be used to save 8%, as long as your order is worth $50 or more. 


1.You can use the codes as many times as you want during the period. 
2.Whether you are our members or not, you all can use the codes. 

Seize the chance to buy RS gold, OSRS gold & more , and make full preparations for the coming of the new island. 

The RS3gold Team

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