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Reason for RS Monkey Nuts Economic Explosion of 2018 & 2019

Time: 01/02/19

As items for healing life points, Monkey Nuts may be nothing special to RS3 and OSRS players. However, have you ever imagined someone could collect more than 1.2 million Monkey Nuts OSRS and possibly more in 2019?

General information on RS Monkey Nuts

Monkey Nuts are items both in RS3 and Old School RS. Monkey Nuts RuneScape can heal 200 life points, purchased at Solihib’s Food Stall on Ape Atoll after starting the Monkey Madness quest. Before talking to the stall owner you must be in the form of a monkey by holding any monkey greegree.
Monkey Nuts OSRS heals 4 hitpoints. They can also be bought at Solihib’s Food Stall after starting the Monkey Madness I quest.

Reason for Monkey Nuts RuneScape explosion

In recent days the amount of Monkey Nuts traded in game has risen sharply:
Monkey Nuts RuneScape
This situation relates to the latest YouTube video of a famous Youtuber penguinz0. In the video titled I Beat Runescape, penguinz0 said he has achieved more Monkey Nuts than Jagex ever imagined – more than 1.2 million in Old School RuneScape. He also urged viewers to give Monkey Nuts when they meet him, the “Monkey Nuts god” in game.
Penguinz0 is also called Cr1TiKaL who is a gaming commentator. In his video on November 30 2018, he told viewers he has collected more than 200k Monkey Nuts OSRS. This record has been broken now by himself.

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