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RS Anachronia Release Date Set on July 8: Ripper & More Coming

Time: 07/03/19

Eventually the RuneScape Anachronia release date has been confirmed and we can jump into the new island on Monday, July 8. This long-anticipated update will bring you a lot of cool additions, like Slayer creatures Ripper & Venomous, Hunter master Irwinsson and so on. 

What to expect on Anachronia?

In a few days, the Land Out of Time following on recent Desperate Times update will bring an impressive vertical range of environments, full of brand-new flora and fauna to tickle your senses. For example, there will be 4 new plant-based Slayer creatures (which can be grown by you with Farming) as well as 4 new dinosaur Slayer creatures including Ripper (whose peculiar “leafy” morphology allows him to blend in its exotic jungle habitat) & Venomous.
At the same time, you will be able to enjoy Big Game Hunter activity, during which you will meet perhaps the weirdest character in Gielinor so far, a new Hunter master NPC named Irwinsson. 

Hunter Master

What does the Land Out of Time mean for the RuneScape future?

In addition to these awesome updates, another exciting thing is what the Land Out of Time mean for the future of RuneScape. You may notice you still have some parts of the map you cannot go to. And that is what you want to explore in future storytelling. The RS team have really embraced episodic storytelling of late, building up to this point through a prologue story, with an overarching story arc surrounding the Elder Gods and with plenty of twists and turns along the way.

All in all, this definitely is worth your first look when they arrives in game. Please prepare yourselves with cheap RS3 gold from us. 

The RS3gold Team 

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