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RS April Fools 2019 with Humans Farmed in Player Owned Farm

Time: 04/01/19

April Fool’s Day is a fun time of a year, of course in RS game. Now here comes the chance to collect and farm Humans in RS Player Owned Farm if you are not content with breeding animals only, and the Human you farm will have the name of a JMod with fun descriptions.

Humans available for RS April Fools 2019

As the joke for April Fools 2019, Humans can be obtained and added to the Player Owned Farm today. When logging in the game on April 1, you can receive a Lost property (bulky) for RuneScape April Fools 2019, containing one unchecked human and a J-mod collection list. Besides Humans from Lost property, more Humans can be obtained from human NPCs during the April Fools event, including RuneScape man, woman, guard and Al Kharid warrior. These Humans will be dropped into the inventory directly.
RuneScape April Fools 2019

Farm Humans in RuneScape April Fools 2019

After obtaining these Humans, you can place and farm them in RuneScape Player Owned Farm. Placed into medium pens, babies will grow to adolescence in five minutes and adulthood in an hour. They will wear the Jagex Moderator cape with other outfits, such as the Tavia’s fishing rod, trimmed masterwork armour and superior hero outfit.
As rewards for harvesting, you will have gain 1 Farming experience, a raw potato and have a chance to obtain a cabbage or a love letter occasionally.

Complete Jmod collection list for April Fools title

If you find Humans named after JMods, you will have the chance to unlock the title “the Fool” by discovering all J-mod names on the Jmod collection list. There are some interesting descriptions given to each JMod, such as “Is working on a super secret new project”, “Insists that it’s a feature, not a bug”, and even “Throws all your feedback in the bin and laughs as they set fire to it”.

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