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Home / RS3Gold news / RS Black Friday 2018: Discounts on Packs, Legendary Pets & More

RS Black Friday 2018: Discounts on Packs, Legendary Pets & More

Time: 11/24/18

Here comes the bargain time in Gielinor! With the coming of Black Friday at the Solomon Store, you can enjoy discounts on a wide range of goodies which are available for limited time during the entire week.

Black Friday sale with discounts until Nov 30th

RuneScape Black Friday this year has started at the Solomon Store and runs until November 30, 2018. During the Black Friday sale there are up to 75% discounts on various goodies, including bank boosters, emotes, action bars, legendary pets and more. Different deals are available every day, and here you can see deals for Nov 23 and Nov 24:
Nov 23 – Actionbars (50%), Actors Emote Pack (75%), Assassin Pack (50%), Dwarven Warsuit (50%), Heroic Crit (75%), Ring of Fire (50%), and Rock Smash (50%).
Nov 24 – Bank Booster + 50s (50%), King and Queen of Clubs Pack (75%), King and Queen of Diamonds Pack (75%), King and Queen of Hearts Pack (75%), and King and Queen of Spades Pack (75%).

Merch store promo in RuneScape Black Friday

Besides the deals at the Solomon Store, there are also promotions at the merch store during RuneScape Black Friday. You can enjoy some new limited products with free shipping on The RuneScape Store until November 26 on orders over £50/€60/$70:
New limited ddition Black Max Cape and Xmas Max Cape keyrings
New Slayer Skill Cape keyring
Large Fine Art Print of Illustrated Map of Gielinor, deskmats, tees, hoodies, mugs and Angels Scapes pins and keyrings

What do you want to buy during RuneScape Black Friday? Anyway, come here to buy RS3 gold easily and fast with the biggest promotion.

The RS3gold Team

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