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RS ED3 Drop & QoL Updates: Drop Table, Rates and Chests Changes

Time: 04/10/19

In Apr. 15's updates on RuneScape Elite Dungeon 3, drop table of Ambassaor, Black Stone Dragon and other bosses will see a series of changes on items like T92 crossbow, Crossbow Pieces. New drops like Battlestaves is also to be added in. 

RS Elite Dungeon 3 drop table & rates updates

In the likely updates of RuneScape Elite Dungeon, you’ll see improvements in the drop table of ED3 bosses and Trashmobs, with Battlestaves, Water Talismans, Black Dragonhide, Triskelion Keys, as well as Crystal Keys Base Drop (drop rate: 1/16 or 1/20) added in as new drops. Scales from Black Stone Dragon will be either sorted, removed or fixed. For duo groups, they are to enjoy a dedicated drop table in all Elite Dungeons. And since players could only get the main rewards in ED1 & ED2, Lottery Drops have been added to ED3 to improve the rewards for players without crossbow pieces. Besides. On top of that, the average loot per kill from ED3 (crossbow pieces excluded) is expected to be raised to 1.65M. Drop rates of the main drops also see changes. For instance, drop rate of Crossbow Pieces is to be changed into 1/55 (Solo), 1/167(Duo), 1/266 (Trio).

Elite Dungeon 3 QoL updates on Apri. 15

Updates in the ED3 QoL are planned to come out on April 15th, with T92 armor changes, chest updates, as well as rewards shop updates. See details in the following list.
1.Tectonic armor is to add 3% more damage bonus per piece to your Sunshine ability, while sirenic armor add 3% more damage bonus to your Death Swiftness ability.
2.Using the appropriate materials on it will repair any version of the armor.
3.The entrance chest you get from any ED can teleport you to any other Elite Dungeons. 
4.You may discover Combat Dummies placed in a certain range of chests.
5.With 750K DG Tokens and completion of Cursed of the Black stone, Elite Dungeon Chest can be upgraded, allowing banking and granting the 20% double loot chance on bosses.
6.All ED unique reward shops from different locations are to be combines into one same shop.

With the RuneScape Elite Dungeon 3 updates, the chance you can gain more drops from Ambassador and other bosses will be increased. Buy RS gold from us and get ready to win drops like T92 Crossbow Pieces, Battlestaves in ED3.

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