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RS Helping Laniakea Miniquest Quide & Totem of Intimidation Middle

Time: 07/09/19

During the RuneScape Helping Laniakea miniquest, you are required to help Laniakea to catch fugu on Anachronia, then you will be awarded Totem of Intimidation Middle and an achievement. Here comes the useful guide for you. 

Helping Laniakea guide 

You need help Laniakea on the Anachronia island to catch an elusive fish for the completion of the miniquest. 
1.Start the miniquest by speaking to Laniakea at the base camp on Anachronia;
2.Find the shimmering feather at the southern peninsula of the island and pick it up from the strange bird;
3.Search crates near The Stormbreaker and get the old spring;
4.Investigate the strange foliage east of the Herby Werby D&D entrance and find the ancient arbuck;
5.Make the herby meat by using the aruck on a piece of raw arcane apoterrasaur meat;
6.Find the jungle vine in the dense jungle vines north-west of the eastern most overgrown idol, across the river, in the north-eastern corner of the island (excluding the nearby overgrown idols);
7.Find the block of stone inside a piece of rubble south of Laniakea's second location, at the south-eastern part of the island;
8.Bring the stone to Eliza or Alpheus to get a dirty stick, then use it on the bucket at the west of of the archaeologists and get the immaculate jungle stick;
9.Make the custom jungle fishing rod by sing the immaculate jungle stick on the jungle vine;
10.Make the custom fishing lure by combining the herby meat, shimmering feather and the old spring;
11.Go to the fishing spot on the west side of the island;
12.Fish the fugu with the two custom items;
13.Go back to Laniakea and give the fugu to her, then complete the quest. 

Win reward Totem of Intimidation Middle 

Upon the completion of the miniquest, you can get the Totem of Intimidation middle, which can be combined with the top and base pieces to make a Totem of Intimidation. And a small minigame can be triggered by assembling it on any of the 3 totem pedestals for the first time. Within the minigame you can charge up the Totem and win Divination XP. Besides, when charged up and activated, you will get the ability, skipping kill count at God Wars Dungeon. And this activation will last for a day every time. 
Additionally, you can win the Helping Laniakea achievement too. 

Most of all, hope you have a fantastic adventure on the island and buy RS3 gold from us anytime. 

The RS3gold Team 

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