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RS Hostilius – New Demon Boss with 3 Difficulty Levels to Defeat

Time: 02/08/19

New demon boss Hostilius is planned to release in game in the future, with three different kinds of difficulties, casual, normal, and hardcore mode. Here you could learn its general information and potential release time in advance.

New Hostilius boss with 3 difficulty levels

Hostilius is a new demon boss designed by Mod Pi in his TAPP time, requiring players to kill him “from the inside out”. Players can choose to fight against the new boss in a group or solo, and the fight will scale to the number of players in this group. There will be three difficulty levels: casual, regular, and hardcore.
RuneScape Hostilius the Autocrat was a particularly corpulent Chthonian that once ruled the world of Infernus. He seized the rulership of the Infernal Dimensions following the Chthonian rebellion against the Infernals thousands of years ago.

When will RuneScape Hostilius be released?

TAPP is the project allowing employees to spend Thursday on personal projects related to the game. As it was cancelled in 2018, the development of RuneScape Hostilius is currently on the backlog. The good news is the team has revealed that RuneScape TAPP will be returning in 2019 and brings in more updates, so it is possible to see the release of the Hostilius demon boss this year.

We will update our news if there is more information on RuneScape Hostilius boss. Moreover, come here to buy RS 3 gold with high security and fast delivery.

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