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RS Mining & Smithing Changes Planned to Fix Stone Spirit & More Issues

Time: 10/29/19

Depending on the latest official dev blog, it has been revealed that there are two issues on Runescape stone spirits and smithable components during Mining and Smithing rework. To resolve these issues, the developer team has planned two changes to Ming and Smithing. Please go ahead and learn details below.  

RS Mining and Smithing rework issues: stone spirits & smithable components

With Runescape Mining and Smithing rework going on, two major ongoing issues are existing in this rework, including stone spirits on drop tables and access to smithable components.
For one thing, the value of Runescape stone spirits is very low owing to the low value of ore attributing to the rate at which AFK Mining can produce it, but the net impact on drop tables is not as serious as you think. It's said that the worst case (Araxxor) is down 4% in average drop value, while Nex is up slightly. 
For another thing, although smithable items become more useful to smiths as a source of XP, but they are almost worthless for disassembly. Smithing XP isn't worth much enough to keep smithable items above their alch value. At the same time, salvage offers amount of free components from PVM, but it's hard to target the ones you want. And there's very little salvage to buy on the GE because the spring cleaner is very convenient for automatic disassembly.

Mining & Smithing changes proposed for fixing issues

To resolve the two main issues with stone spirits and smithable components, the develop team has planned two changes to Runescape Mining and Smithing.
The first upcoming change is planned to decrease AFK Mining rates to produce less ores. At present, when your stamina is at zero, AFK Mining is about 40% of active Mining considering that rockertunities double your rates when playing at least semi-actively effectively. If developers change this, you will get about 20% passive Mining progress at zero stamina including rockertunities, and then AFK Mining will be about 10% as effective as active Mining, that is to say, there will be a fourfold reduction in XP and ore. Thus, the flow of ore in the game will be hugely reduced and as time going by, its value will also be increased.
The second one is going to improve the component rate from disassembling smithable items so that the demand of ore will be increased. Items will disassemble into 3 components for each bar. For example, making a longsword costs 2 bars and upgrading it costs 2 bars, requiring totally 4 bars. When disassembled, it will provide 12 components instead of the old 8. This change will restore Smithing and increase the demand for smithable gear as well as value of it. Further, the value of ore and stone spirits will be increased, which will buff drop tables.

In a word, the two changes have been planned to fix stone spirits and smithable components issues. If you have any ideas about them, you can leave your feedback online. By the way, please buy cheap RS3 gold at our site constantly. 

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