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RS Ranch out of Time Coming in November: An Expansion to POF

Time: 10/14/19

RS Ranch out of Time announced at RuneFest 2019 is an expansion to player-owned farms on the island of Anachronia, and it is planned to release in November 2019. In this new Player Owned Farm, you will be able to breed new kinds of livestock such as dinosaurs, frogs and salamanders.      
RS Ranch out of Time in November 2019

At RuneFest 2019, Ranch out of Time has been introduced to public, which is a new Player Owned Farm set up on the island of Anachronia and is planned for release in November 2019. On this island, there are some new kinds of livestock added such as dinosaurs, frogs and salamanders. And you will work with Great Granny Potterington who focuses on raising great big reptiles together to manage farms.      

What will you enjoy on Ranch out of Time RS?

In the new Player Owned Farm, you will terraform the land into five new paddocks made of base camp resources with Great Granny Potterington, and the paddocks can be divided into two large sizes, one medium, one small and one carefully reinforced breeding paddock. Besides, there will be 14 new scaly species to breed on the farm, such as:
- Frogs (level 42) and salamanders (level 102) kept in small paddocks;
- Jadinkos (level 76) and ripper dinosaurs raised in medium paddocks;
- Apoterrasaurs, quads and rexes may be kept in large paddocks.
These animials will be obtained from hunting and slaying, and the new livestock will require up level 120 Farming.

In a word, RS Ranch out of Time is upcoming. You can have a look at this news to learn it in advance. Besides, cheap RS3 gold for sale is waiting for you at any time.

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