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RS Sigils Changes may Cause Some Disputes among Players?

Time: 08/07/19

Since the players have learned that the RS team will make some changes to RuneScape Sigils, many players have opposed this update, like the removal of Sigil Slot. Why are they against this so much?

What changes will be made to Runscape sigils? 

With the news to change Sigils launching, players start to talk the topic and leave messages to RS team online. And here are some main changes listed as following:
- Since new and returning players feel complicated and unfamiliar with Sigils, and the sigil slot system seem unfair, RS team has made a decision to remove sigil slot;
- Players will pay twice as much for sigils;
- All the resources will be given back to you despite of charges remaining;
- Sigils will be unlocked via codices; once you unlock a sigil-ability it will be unlocked permanently;
- Sigils will no longer share cooldowns but not work off GCD.

Why do lots of players oppose sigil update?  

A lot of players are against this update while hearing the news. Some of them state it causes confusion to them and the other don't understand why RS team fixes something that is not broken. And some exact reasons are followings: 
1. Free IoH vuln every 90s from both range and melee will just reduce the effects of magic indirectly and further make a confusion among three combat styles. Now Vuln is barely a " magic spell". 
2. The price of sigils become expensive and it will cost double, which is an unfortunate news to players.
3. Sigils won't work off GCD.
4. Free IoH vuln that doesn't trigger other sigil cooldown will not reward effort with dps.

In a word, Runescape sigils changes are not accepted so well. what's your thought on it? Anyway, RS3gold is your best choice to buy cheap RS3 gold and related products.

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