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RS Skeletal Wyvern Guide with Suggested Skills & More Strategies

Time: 06/04/20

RS Skeletal Wyvern is undead Slayer monster requiring level 72 Slayer to defeat. You can read this guide below to learn the specific tips about killing Skeletal Wyvern.  

Skills for killing RS Skeletal Wyvern suggested 

Skeletal Wyvern is in the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon and is the only monster to drop granite legs. To kill Skeletal Wyverns, we recommend that you should have these skills:
Level 90 Attack 
Level 90 Strength 
Level 90 Defence 
Level 90 Ranged
Level 68 Summoning 

How to deal with dragonfire attack of RS Skeletal Wyvern? 

RS Skeletal Wyvern has a special dragonfire attack that is immune to antifires and Super antifires. To protect yourself from this dragonfire attack, you can equip one of the following shields:
Dragonfire shield/deflector/ward 
Chaos shield 
Cosmic shield
Body shield
Mind shield
Elemental shield
Besides wearing shield, you can also use Wyrmfire potions, Protect from Magic or Deflect Magic to negate this attack. 

More tips for killing RS Skeletal Wyvern 

While fighting with Skeletal Wyvern monster, you can take the following tips to help you kill it easily:
1. The salve amulet and Dragon slayer gloves can't work on Skeletal Wyverns.
2. Use the Dragon Slayer perk to increase the damage by 7%.
3. Bring a healing familiar, such as a bunyip, or a Beast of Burden to carry extra food all the time.
4. Keep as far away from the Wyvern as possible while ranging or maging wyverns and protecting against ranged.
5. Use dreadnips to speed up kills. But you can't use it while using a cannon.

Preview this guide to defeat RS Skeletal Wyvern smoothly. By the way, cheap RS3 gold is offered at our site at all times.

The RS3gold Team 

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