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Home / RS3Gold news / RS Violet Is Blue Coming on Dec 17 for Christmas Event 2018

RS Violet Is Blue Coming on Dec 17 for Christmas Event 2018

Time: 11/30/18

The upcoming quest for 2018 RS Christmas event, Violet is Blue is going to be released on December 17, 2018. You will take a journey to the Land of Snow and meet the girl called Violet in this quest, and enjoy more rewarding activities during the Christmas event this year.

2018 Christmas Violet Is Blue release date confirmed

Today RS official Twitter account posts the content related to 2018 RuneScape Christmas quest: Violet is Blue, which reveals its release date and one more picture:
“Pack your bags, we’re going to Yeti Town! Violet is Blue – December 17th”
RuneScape Violet is Blue
RuneScape Violet is Blue quest will be active as a part of RuneScape Christmas 2018, and it will become a permanent one after the event. The difficulty is novice, so everyone could enjoy this quest during or after the Christmas celebration. The main character in Violet is Blue RuneScape quest is a 6-year-old girl named Violet, a human raised in a Yeti family. The story will start when Violet’s sixth birthday is coming.

Learn RuneScape Christmas 2018 activity schedule

The Christmas event has started on December 30 with the beginning of RuneScape Winter Weekend, and you can click to learn all the bonuses during weekend one: Elite Dungeons & Dungeoneering. There are some other activities and rewards, including Festive Aura, RuneScape Advent Calendar and Snowboards, and you can learn the detailed RuneScape Christmas Event 2018 schedule here to know about what you can enjoy during this event.

Now we could look forward to the upcoming RuneScape Violet is Blue quest and more activities. And don’t forget to buy RS3 gold from professional RS3gold.com when you need some.

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