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RS War's Retreat Coming with Marks of War Currency on Jan 27

Time: 01/26/20

RS War's Retreat has been confirmed to be released on Jan. 27, 2020. When it is released, you can discover a new currency Marks of War, which can upgrade PvM Hub and buy rewards in War's Shop. 

RS War's Retreat will release on Jan 27 

War's Retreat, also known as PvM Hub, is going to be released on Jan. 27, 2020. It requires level 60 Combat to access and is accessible to Free-to Play world. You can reach there by a door outside of Death's Office or inside Death's Office, and will see a bank, campfire and altar inside. 

How to obtain RS Marks of War? 

Marks of War is the new currency that is already being added to the game. It can be used to upgrade PvM Hub and buy rewards in War's Shop. You can obtain Marks of War (MoW) currency by staying in a boss instance with a timer, and each boss will provide different values, such as:
- Yakamaru awards 600 per kill.
- Deathtouched dart/Practice mode don't provide Marks of Wars.
- Jad in Kiln will not give a lot of Marks, but in the Fight Caves it will. 

Use RS Marks of War to buy rewards in War's Shop 

After you obtain Marks of War currency, you can use it to buy upgrades, unlocks and consumables from War's Shop: 
- Upgrades including Oak campfire, Willow campfire, Maple campefire, Yew campfire, Magic campfire and Elder campfire will cost 1,000 MoW respectively. 
- Unlocks including Vampyrism aura, Dark Magic aura, Berserker aura, Reckless aura and Maniacal aura will cost 5,000 MoW, 12,500 MoW, 25,000 MoW, 25,000 MoW and 25,000 MoW separately. 
- Consumables including Aura refresh (tier 1/2/3/4) and Life Refresh will cost 1,000 MoW, 2,000 MoW, 3,000 MoW, 4,000 MoW and 2,500 MoW respectively. 

More basic details of RS War's Retreat can be learned here. In addition, please continue to buy cheap RS3 gold from us. 

The RS3gold Team 

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