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RS Watchtower Quest Guide: Fast Walkthrough & Useful Tips

Time: 10/09/19

RS Watchtower is a member-only quest with long length, which requires you to help wizards retrieve their four crystals in order to defend Watchtower against an ogre attack. Here is an Watchtower quest guide shared with you.   

Tips to complete RS Watchtower quest easily

When you start doing the member-only quest, you can use 14 Herblore, 14 Magic, 15 Thieving, 25 Agility and 40 Mining skills, which can help you a lot.   

Fast walkthrough to RS Watchtower quest

Since Watchtower is a long and intermediate RS quest, a fast walkthrough is offered to help you complete it easily and smoothly. Here are the steps you need to finish:
1. Go to Watchtower north of Yanille and climb a trellis on the northern wall; then go to the top floor and talk to the Watchtower Wizard.
2. Go outside and search the bushes to find fingernails, old robe, damaged dagger, unusual armour and tattered eye patch.
3. Come back to the wizard with these items and then help three ogres to enter the ogre city Gu'Tanoth. 
4. Help Og found north-west of the Yanille lodestone retrieve the gold bar from Toban.
5. Go south and search a tree with long branch located west side of the lake; then use a rope on the long branch to come to the island where you can find Grew. 
6. Talk to Grew and go through the tunnel south-west of Gu'Tanoth to arrive at the Gorad's islandand. Then kill Gorad and take a tooth from him.  
7. Toban is on a island the same as Gorad. Speak to Toban and give some Dragon Bones to him; then open his chest and take the gold.
8. Use another rope to go back to Grew with Gorad's teeth; go to Og and give him the gold bar. And you can get the first crystal.
9. Head to the wizard to get the Ogre relic.
10. Go south to Gu'Tanoth and access to it with Ogre relic.
11. Find a stall south-west of the market place and steal 1-2 rock cakes.
12. Go south along the main path and give a rock cake to guards in order to climb over the battlement.
13. Continue to go along the path and pay 20 coins to guards to across the bridge. Then talk to the guards and give them a death rune. And a Skavid map will be given to you. 
14. Go beneath the Gu'Tanoth and get in the cave with skavid map and a light source. Then talk to Scared skavid and learn Skavid language.
15. Enter all the rest of the caves and speak to skavids. Then come back to Scared skavid.
16. Head south of the Scared skavid cave and you will find a gate. Come across the gate via giving gold bar to a guard. 
17. Enter the cave (6), talk to the Mad skavid and give him the right response to get the second crystal. Remember to pick up nightshades.
18. Come back to the market place and use nightshade to distract guards when entering the Ogre Enclave.
19. Exit the enclave and go back to the wizard. 
20. Make the potion to kill Ogre Shamans, which requires to use Guam Leaf on the Water-filled Vial, add Jangerberries to the unfinished potion, use Bat Bones with the Pestle and Mortar and use ground Bat Bones with the mixture. 
21. Give the potion to wizard to enchant it into a Magic ogre potion.
22. Come back to market place and use another nightshade to distract guards again, and enter it.
23. Kill six ogre shamans using potion to get the third crystal.
24. Go to the center of the cave and mine the rock to get the fourth crystal.
25. Come back to Watchtower Wizard with the four crystals and pull the lever.

Hope this fast walkthrough is helpful for you to complete this quest. Also, you can buy cheap RS3 gold for sale at our site all the time.

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