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RS Yak Track Coming Back with Archaeology-Based Tasks from Mar 23

Time: 03/19/20

Here comes the good news that RS Yak Track event will go live again from Mar. 23. If you don't perform well when it's released originally, this time you can prepare ahead of time to earn a series of rewards.   

RS Yak Track will return from Mar. 23 

It's announced that RS Yak Track event will come back from Mar. 23 to May. 3. It shows that you will be able to doing a sequent of tasks again for a series of rewards of free track and premium track. And this time Yak Track will contain Archaeology-based tasks when Archaeology is released. Please be careful as you will encounter more serious challenges sometimes.  
All the details of the return of Yak Track will be revealed next week by RS team, and we will update the information about this event in time.  

Review rewards for the first release of RS Yak Track

RS Yak Track is originally released from Nov. 25, 2019 with free and premium prize tracks that include various rewards. The rewards of the two tracks are different and can change with the tiers of tasks changing, including XP, cosmetics, pets, animations and other items, such as:
- Bonus XP star (small, medium, large, huge)
- Prismatic lamp (small, medium, large, huge) 
- Arcane Blood Mage Outfit
- Spooky Cape
- Spooky Raven
If you want to know all the rewards, please see our previous news at our site. 

Get ready for RS Yak Track coming back. If you need much RS3 gold, please come to us for the rational price and fast delivery. 

The RS3gold Team 

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