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RS Yak Track Going Live Alongside Gone Yak Tracking TH Promotion

Time: 11/25/19

RS Yak Track event takes effect today and a large number of prizes can be claimed by unlocking two tracks with a total of 50 tiers separately. In addition, a new experimental TH promotion Gone Yak Tracking will run next day.     

RS Yak Track event available with 50 tiers of each track 

The new event RS Yak Track becomes available today. You can start to unlock Free and Premier tracks for cosmetics, consumables, weapons, rest animations, boosters and more benefits. The Premier track can be unlocked by having an active Premier Club membership or using 2 bonds. 
There a total of 50 tiers of both tracks, and each track has its own task that can be completed for cosmetics and items to prompt your progress of tracks. You can also skip tiers through buying task skips with bonds from the event interface. One bond can be used to exchange for four task skips, and 10 task skips cost 2 bonds. When you unlock each tier, you can be able to receive some prizes, like:
- Arcane Blood Mage outfit can be obtained at tier 1 on Free track. 
- At tier 15, you can receive Zombie Raise emote and Abyssal Prowler pet on Free track and Premier track respectively.
- Witch's Doll pet can be claimed at tier 25 on Premier track. 
- At the 50th tier, you can be able to receive Dark Throne rest animation, as well as Zombie Yak pet and Raven outfit on Free track and Premier track respectively.

RS Gone Yak Tracking: experimental TH promotion along with Yak Track 

During the first few days of RS Yak Track, there will be an experimental Treasure Hunter promotion themed on Gone Yak Tracking. The new TH promotion will run from Nov. 26 to Nov. 27 according to the Farming 120 & Ranch Out of Time Q&A. When it goes live, you can get all prizes you see. If you have 10 keys, you will receive all the items you see in front of you. And the oddment refresh cost will go down every time you take a new item.

Join in RS Yak Track event now for prizes, and don't forget to take part in the new Treasure Hunter promotion. Moreover, RS3gold.com always offers cheap RS3 gold and related goods for all of you. 

The RS3gold Team 

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