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RS Yak Track Tasks Guide: What Should You Do in 1-10 Tiers?

Time: 11/28/19

How's your progress in RS Yak Track event? How many tasks have you completed? Here is a guide about what you need to do in the first 10 tiers of tasks. And you can learn how to enter the event interface as well from us.    

Tips to enter RS Yak Track interface

There are two tasks for each tier of tasks on the Yak Track interface. And you can also see two rewards, Premier prize and Free prize on the event interface. Here are some tips to lead you to access to the interface:
- Through the Upgrades & Extras interface 
- By reading Count Yakula's Task List given at the beginning of the event
- By watching the event noticeboards found in various locations 
- Through Count Yakula found next to Challenge Mistress Fara in Burthorpe 

Task requirements of 1-10 tiers in RS Yak Track 

A total of 50 tiers of tasks exist in this Yak Track event, and each tier contains both task A and Task B. Here we want to show you the first ten tiers of task requirements below: 
1. Tier 1
Task A: Talk to Count Yakula and learn his tragic backstory. 
Task B: Kill a duck.
2. Tier 2 
Task A: String 500 oak shortbows or above except composite ogre bow or any adamant crossbow. 
Task B: Smelt 600 bars of steel or above except gold bars. And smelting double bars counts as two. 
3. Tier 3
Task A: Burn 285 logs of yew or above except corrupted magic logs, blisterwood logs, cursed magic logs and curly roots. Driftwood only works when added to an existing fire.
Task B: Smith 20 items of orikalkum or above.  
4. Tier 4
Task A: Harvest ten plants including grimy snapdragon, grimy cadantine, grimy lantadyme, grimy arbuck, grimy dwarf weed, snape grass, grimy torstol and grimy fellstalk. Ruby harvests is excluded. 
Task B: Catch 95 raw green blubber jellyfish or above except leaping sturgeon, raw sea turtle, raw great white shark, raw tarpon, small crystal urchin, medium crystal urchin, raw seerfish, raw sillago, raw wobbegong and large crystal urchin.  
5. Tier 5
Task A: Collect 550 vibrant energy or above. 
Task B: Cook 595 items including catfish, beltfish, green blubber jellyfish, shark, cavefish, fish oil, manta ray, rocktail, blue blubber jellyfish and sailfish. Pineapple pizzas is excluded.  
6. Tier 6
Task A: Build 330 gilded dressers and above. 
Task B: Chop 50 yew and above. 
7. Tier 7
Task A: Steal from 415 Fremmennik citizens and above. 
Task B: Craft 310 nature and above. 
8. Tier 8 
Task A: Farm 10 cadantines and above. 
Task B: Complete 2 slayer tasks 
9. Tier 9
Task A: Drop a coin into the well in Rimmington. 
Task B: Buy something in Draynor Village. 
10. Tier 10
Task A: Make 1140 Hydra pouches or above. 
Task B: Smelt 600 bars of Orikalkum or above. 

Come to complete more tiers of tasks to prompt your progress in RS Yak Track. Besides, please buy cheap RS3 gold from us all the time. 

The RS3gold Team 

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