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RS3 Armour Spikes: Learn Equipment Creation Requirements & Effects

Time: 05/16/19

RuneScape Armour spikes is a consumable item kind that cause damage to enemies attacking from nearby tiles. It can be smithed from elder rune bar. Once equipped, it also brings satisfying effects and experience, which will greatly increase if you meanwhile equip melee shield.

Creation of the RS Armour Spikes

The creation of the Armour Spikes can be easily done by smithing one elder rune bar. One one elder rune bar can be smithes into 1000 armour spikes. But before you try creating the spikes, you need to make sure that you’ve reached level 90 in Smithing. And once you manage to create the spikes out, you’ll be granted with 1000 Smithing experience. However, since the armour spikes are untradeable, getting one elder rune bar and smith it will be the only way you can lay your hand on them.

Effects of the Armour Spikes

The spikes can be stored in ammunition slot or inventory when you are getting in middle of a fight. When quipped, it’ll give a series of effects. When you use one armour spikes with one activation, it can inflict damage to the target equal to the player’s Smithing level, capping at 99. If the player has been equipped with a melee shield, the damage they deal is doubled (180-198), and if a defender has been equipped, the damage can be increased by half.
But before you use the armour spikes, check if the following conditions are met.
1.Armour spikes are carried in the inventory or equipped in the ammo slot.
2.Only melee weapons are equipped, and Melee torso and leg armour are worn.
3.The player is attacked by an enemy successfully and blocked hits suffice).
4.The enemy is directly adjacent to the player with no game squares in between. 

Learn to Create the RS3 Armour Spikes with elder rune bar, and use it in your fight with your enemies. Before you march for fight, fed your pocket with the RS 3 gold for sale from us.

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