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RS3 Crocodile Tears: Learn Quick Guide & Win Relic of Crondis

Time: 05/14/19

The RuneScape Crocodile Tears is the second of  Fifth Age quests tetralogy. In it, you can face the Menaphite goddess, Crondis in Elid. Learn this guide and win rewards like relic of Crondis.

Crocodile Tears guide

1.Head to the Uzer Mastaba at south of the ruins of Uzer and north of Nardah, then to Senliten in the Pyramid, talk to her in her tomb.
2.Speak to the Sphinx in Sophanem with your cat and DO NOT wear catspeak amulet/cramulet, then to Jex at north-east of the Sphinx. Return to Senliten afterwards.
3.Use Leela to get on the ground. Then use the explore option to get into the temple again. 
4.Return to Senliten after you head north to the ship for the dowsing rod to search the desert. 
(Searching spots: The oasis right outside the temple, by the Camel Warriors,  near the Bedabin Camp.)
5.Climb the waterfall north of the Dominion Tower and talk to the spirits.
6.Head to the westernmost pier and talk to Portmaster Kags in the Port district to get to Crondis's pyramid. Talk to the High Priest of Crondis in the pyramid.
7.Collect 1 raw beltfish, 2 acadia logs, 4 pyramid tops, 8 plover birds once a time then return to Crondis. When collect the 16 croc ices (buy at least 24), return to Crondis as fast as possible without teleporting. Use flying carpet and Shifting Tombs entrance instead.
8.Talk to Crondis. Choose options other than 1 for all dialogue boxes.
9.Kill Ukunduka, then talk to the High Priest of Crondis.
10.Return to Senliten, then speak to her.

Rewards for Crocodile Tears RuneScape

A relic of Crondis, which can be turned into a faction leader Menaphos, giving 5,500 reputation with general Menaphos reputation.
1 quest point
35,000 Fishing experience
35,000 Hunter experience
15,000 Agility experience
15,000 Woodcutting experience
Immunity from desert heat
Menaphos reputation gain increased to 150%
2 Treasure Hunter keys and 2 Hearts of Ice

Follow the guide to complete the RS3 Crocodile Tears quest and win relic of Crondis and more. Most importantly, buy RS gold for sale from us if you are in need of some.

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